- WORK -

My first participation at 11SecondClub :

For a long time I wanted to participate to the famous monthly competition "11SecondClub". I finaly had the time to do it in novembre.

I was really happy to finish 8e on 349 entries.

The Cartoon Car :

Here is a car I modeled to practise my modelisation skills and to teach myself to Maya. I used Vray for the rendering. You can click on the images to see them larger.

Soon I will also add a video to show the rigging of the car.

car_toon_fr car_toon_closeup1 car_toon_closeup2 car_toon_bk
Acting training :

When I have a bit of spare time, I really enjoy practising my animation skills. Here, I wanted to focus on acting.

Grabouillon :

Here is a few of the shot I have animated on the TV Cartoon "GRABOUILLON"